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The best digital business card for your company


Connect Effectively

Share Everything About You and Your Company

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Differentiate your Networking

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How does it work?

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Share your Digital Card from your mobile wallet

By scanning your mobile wallet you can transmit all your contact information, social networks and files.

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Or bring the contactless card closer to the person's cell phone

Using the NFC and QR Technology of the Physical Contact Card, you can instantly Share Your Digital Business Card.

Companies from all industries have already transformed their networking

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Revolutionize your company's networking

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Deliver all information with a gesture

Transmit all your information from the Contact Card, Social Networks, Calendar, Personalized Forms...

Upload files of your projects

Upload PDFs, Videos or an Image Carousel to your digital card for networking support.

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Collect information from the other

Ask the other person to give you their information using a simple form for two-way interaction.

Edit your profile information

Change profile information autonomously from any device without the need to install an App.

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Make your sales network more efficient

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Monitor Your Team's Activity

Follow up From the number of deliveries that have been made per commercial, receive an automatic report of your network usage and what result each delivery has had

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All your Products on the Card

Upload all the products and services offered by your company to the profile to promote cross-selling. Unlimited file upload.

Commercial activity on the virtual business card

History of interactions

View all end user activity in detail with the profile of your salespeople connection by connection. It measures the correct execution of the commercial and marketing strategy.

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Ask for more information

Transform Your Company's Networking

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What do our customers think?

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“Tenemos la suerte de que el producto de gestión comercial se ha desarrollado en casa. Una solución creativa para educar al cliente y monitorizar la actividad comercial."

León Palazuelos - Director Comercial

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"Sin duda una alternativa a la tarjeta de visita tradicional, para MAIO supone una mejora de imagen notable"

Marco Bolognini - Abogado

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“INNO Card se ha convertido en una nueva forma de acercarnos más a los clientes, nuestros Realtors la están disfrutando mucho.”

Fe Anta - Directora de Marketing


Delivery Times

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I uploaded some files and they haven't been updated in my profile

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How can I add or remove new cards?

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Can I edit my profile information?

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Connections with CRM

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Initial configuration of company profiles

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What are the cards like? Do you have paper cards?

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How can I set up my profile

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What is a smart digital business card?

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Does NFC work with any device?

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Do I need to download an App?

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What type of files can I upload?

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Do I need the physical NFC card?

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