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Create, customize, and share all your personal and corporate identity in a single gesture with INNOCard.

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What is a Digital Business Card?

Imagine sharing your entire professional essence instantly, efficiently, and without printing a single paper card.
That’s what a digital business card is.

Also known as virtual business cards, they are interactive, customizable, and there are no limits to the information you can include. This isn’t just a business card; it’s your digital footprint in the professional world.

Ready to stand out?

Transform the way you do business and leave an unforgettable first impression. The future is digital, and you can be too.

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Share All Your Data

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A First Impression That Leaves a Mark

Customize your business card to create a unique brand experience that attracts and retains customers.

Plus, you reduce paper use and waste by 100%, because an INNOCard never runs out.

Maximize Your ROI

Optimize your commercial strategies by always knowing the return on the use of your card: the number of deliveries, forms collected, connections, etc.

Manage with Freedom

Design and send presentation cards to your entire team while maintaining full control, being able to update or customize them at any time without extra costs.

How Does an INNOCard Digital Business Card Work?

What if your business card could say even more?

Customize each element to capture the true essence of your brand and turn simple contacts into valuable connections.

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Include More Than Just Your Basic Contact Information

Use your corporate colors and load your digital presentation card with PDFs, videos, or an image carousel to communicate everything about your brand.

Agile Team Management

Managing your team will be a breeze thanks to the team administration section: mass file uploads, quick team member management, employee metrics, etc, helping you maximize efficiency and consistency across all virtual business cards.

Manage Your Team Effectively

✅ Quick Onboarding and Offboarding: Add or unlink company members in seconds.

✅ Massively Edit All Profiles:
Update data for your entire team at the same time, ensuring consistency across all business cards.

✅ Lock Unnecessary Fields:
Maintain the integrity of critical information by restricting edits in specific fields.

✅ Mass Update Attachments:
Easily renew essential documents for multiple profiles.

✅ Segment into Groups:
Organize your team with custom tags, facilitating department organization and optimizing communication.

Capture More Leads

Capture, interact, and convert users into customers quickly and effectively. Interacting with your customers has never been easier.

Our electronic cards offer multiple points of contact that facilitate smooth and constant communication between you and your potential customer.

Ensure that each interaction is recorded and managed properly thanks to integration with management tools and CRM, improving user experience and optimizing your marketing efforts.

Maximize Your Business Opportunities with a Single Click

Our contact form is a direct bridge between your potential customers and you, allowing you to collect their information while they receive yours.

Make it easy for potential customers to contact you directly via WhatsApp or schedule meetings directly in your calendar via Google Meet.

More Features:

Share It with Anyone

No need for an APP to receive your information

Automated Email Signatures

Share your digital card in every email you send

QR Technology

Share your business card with QR via email, link, WhatsApp, social networks, Apple Watch, Wallet, etc.

Infinite Connections

Grow your network of contacts with unlimited use of the card (no extra costs)

24/7 Customer Support

Onboarding assistance and premium support from the INNOCard team

Compatible with All Devices

INNOCard is available for both Android and iOS

Made to Be Shared Effortlessly

Thousands of innovative and different ways to expand your network of contacts, all with a touch of style and efficiency.

As simple as it is effective.

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Email Signature

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Apple Watch

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The Business Card That Turns Every Meeting into a Growth Opportunity

Immediate Integration

Your digital profile will be instantly emailed to you after placing the order.

When you receive the setup link, you’ll just need to complete your profile and it’ll be ready to share.

For businesses, we can import all employee information from a .CSV to automatically generate the profiles.

From the admin panel, you can manage all your team's presentation cards and your organization's business contacts.

A quick and easy process. If you don’t believe it, try it yourself with our free version.

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