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Create Business Cards Online for FREE

Do you want to stand out and make a good first impression?

Show up in an unforgettable way with
our digital business cards.

digital business cards

How to create a Business Card Online for FREE

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1. Sign up on the platform:

Start by creating your digital profile in the following .

All you need is your email address and create a password.

After confirmation, you're ready to take the next step.

2. Customize it to your liking

Personalize your business card with your contact information, your social networks, your logo, a professional photo and any other information you consider relevant.

3. Share it and increase your network of contacts

Download your digital business card to your phone's wallet and make it easier than ever to get all your professional information to your potential clients.

The easiest and fastest way to share all your professional information

contact form digital business card

A first impression that lasts

Personalize your business card for create a unique brand experience that attracts and builds customer loyalty.

In addition, you reduce paper use and waste by 100%, because INNOCard never runs out.

Maximize your ROI

Optimize your business strategies, knowing at all times the return on the use of your card: the number of deliveries, forms collected, connections, etc.

Manage with Freedom

Design and send business cards to your entire team while maintaining total control, being able to update or customize them at any time at no extra cost.

Made to be shared effortlessly

Thousands of innovative and different ways to expand your network of contacts, all with a touch of style and efficiency.

It's that simple, that effective.

Share digital business card with QR

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Share Apple Watch business card

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Advantages of digital business cards

Connect with a simple gesture

Sharing your digital card is as easy as scanning your QR or sending a link.

No more distance barriers, excessive costs, or delays: Now the whole world is on your list of potential contacts.This not only simplifies the process, but it expands your networking network exponentially.

With every link or QR you share, you're opening up a world of limitless possibilities for your career and business..

Your first impression is digital

A digital card isn't just a collection of data; it's a show.

Think of videos that not only tell your story, but bring it to life. In interactive presentations that not only showcase your work, but invite others to interact with it.

These cards taking traditional networking to a new era, where every interaction is an opportunity to fully immerse your contacts in your professional and creative world.

Showcase more about you and your company

With digital cards, Space is no longer a problem.

Dare to include more information, from links direct to your social networks, to multimedia elements that capture the essence of your brand.

Forget about visual clutter; in the digital world, there is room for everything.

Do you need Update your information? It is instantaneous, without the hassle and cost of reprinting.

Information is power

Surely at some event you have distributed so many cards that when you return home you don't even remember who you gave them to.

With digital business cards, you don't just send and receive information, you also monitor it.

With the ability to track every view and interaction, you get Insights crucial information about who sees and interacts with your card, information that can help you shape your network of contacts more effectively.

These data they allow you to better understand who is interested in your services and how you can improve your networking strategy.


How can I add or remove new cards?

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How can I set up my profile

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What are the cards like? Do you have paper cards?

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Connections with CRM

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Initial configuration of company profiles

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I uploaded some files and they haven't been updated in my profile

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Can I edit my profile information?

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Delivery Times

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What type of files can I upload?

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Does NFC work with any device?

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Do I need to download an App?

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Do I need the physical NFC card?

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What is a smart digital business card?

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