The secret of networking: Giving without expecting anything in return

Discover how digital business cards revolutionize networking and build lasting networks of contacts based on mutual value.

In today's world, where competition is fierce and opportunities seem scarce, key to standing out and achieving success both in the professional and personal spheres lies in a fundamental maxim of networking:”Provide value before you order it so you never have to ask for it”.

This principle, not only improve our network of contacts and opportunities, but it also enriches our lives in unexpected ways.

True networking: a win-win strategy

El effective networking it's not about accumulating contacts or constantly asking for favors. This is a dynamic of reciprocity, where the focus is on offer support, knowledge and resources without expecting anything in return.

As it says Cipri Quintas - “This is about giving without expecting anything in return, receiving and remembering”. This is what leads us to build authentic and lasting relationships.

Deep Connections: Beyond Surface Contacts

To achieve a network of contacts solid, it is essential to deepen our relationships. This involves understand needs and objectives of our contacts and offer them value unconditionally.

Imagine that you are chatting with one of your contacts and he tells you that he wants to learn more about data analysis. At that point you remember that your co-worker is an expert in the subject and that she can be of great help to her. So you decide to connect them for support him with that challenge And so Bring her worth.

Strategies to provide value and build your network of quality contacts

Identify and nurture your key relationships

Not all connections have the same value. Identify and prioritize Those that can Contribute More to Your growth personal and professional. Establish deep and meaningful relationships with them.

Think of your network of contacts as a battery. The more you charge it, the more energy will be available for when you need it.

Apply the principle of the 'Three Key Relations'

According to several studies, having at least three deep and trusting relationships can increase the chances of achieving your goals tenfold. These relationships act as pillars in your network, offering support, advice and opportunities that can be crucial to your development.

Be an active connector

Part of providing value is facilitate valuable connections between your contacts. By being a connector, you not only help others achieve their goals, but you also position yourself as a valuable and reliable resource in your network.

Networking and digital business cards: More than just a contact

In the digital age, paper business cards are giving way to digital cards. These innovative tools not only facilitate the exchange of contact information, but also offer unique opportunities to add value.

Our digital business cards InnoCard They allow you share Not Alone contact details, but also portfolios, projects, social networks, access to the timetable to schedule meetings, the digital catalog of your products, and all the information about your company that you want to add.

this enriches the networking experience, allowing provide a more complete view of your capabilities and services

In addition, we provide you with the manage all your employees' business cards in a centralized way and in seconds, Being able monitor The number of attempts to sell What has been done for commercial and what upshot has had every delivery, also receiving a automatic reporting of your network usage.

This is crucial for maintaining and nurturing relationships with your contacts.

Therefore, Give courage before asking for it, more than advice, it is a philosophy of life that transforms the way we interact with others. By focusing on providing value in a selfless way, we not only enrich our networks, but we also promote a environment where mutual aid and support are the norm.

Las digital business cards are a perfect example of how technology can facilitate this exchange of value, demonstrating that, even in the digital age, human relationships remain at the heart of personal and professional success.

Finally, we encourage you to reflect on how you can bring value to your contacts today. What can you offer them that is unique and beneficial?

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