Original business card design

A good business card design is like a good kiss: brief, attractive, and leaves you wanting more.

You know the drill. You never get a second chance to make a first impression (and no, not in love either).

tarjetas de visita digitales

Just like you wouldn't show up to a Formula 1 race on a bicycle, don't show up to that important meeting with a business card that looks like it came out of a cereal box.

Be the star of your own success story.

Here's the ultimate guide to designing business cards that not only look good but make all your contacts want to keep them as if they were Amazon shares.

Personalize EVERYTHING with Your Corporate Identity

Tamaño y forma de las tarjetas de visita

Size and Shape of Business Cards

The standard size for a business card is 85 x 55 mm, which offers enough space for essential information without being too bulky.

But don't be afraid to experiment. Why settle for the conventional when you can stand out with a square card or a custom design?

And if you have more to say, unfold your ideas with a foldable card. It's double the space for a doubly impactful impression.


The choice of typography on your business card can be as decisive as the suit you choose for an important client meeting.

Opt for fonts that are not only readable but also reflect your unique style. Make sure the font size allows for comfortable reading without straining the recipient's eyes.

The perfect combo? A serif font for your name, which evokes respect and tradition, and a clean sans serif for the contact information.

Tipografía para tarjetas de visita
Colores de tarjetas de visita


Colors don't just adorn; they tell the story of your brand with every shade. Choose tones that not only resonate with your industry and personality but also offer optimal readability.

Strong contrasts are your best friends, making the text stand out effortlessly.

And remember, a limited color scheme (2-3 colors) is the secret to a clean and captivating presentation.

Textures and Materials

Going beyond traditional cardboard can transform how you're perceived in the business world.

Imagine cards made of polished metals or even fine wood: each material speaks of your creativity and attention to detail.

Textures have their own language too; a matte finish or an embossed design not only feels great but also elevates your card from ordinary to extraordinary.

texturas y materiales de tarjetas de visita
gráficos e imágenes en las tarjetas de visita

Use of Graphics and Images on Business Cards

Keeping a card clean is essential, but adding a logo or image can be the detail that makes a difference.

Make sure they blend seamlessly with the overall style of the card, enhancing your brand identity.

It's like the finishing touch on an impeccable suit: small, but with the power to completely transform the look.

Paper Business Cards vs Digital Business Cards

The shift towards digital cards isn't just a trend; it represents an adaptation and transformation towards an increasingly virtual and sustainable professional environment.

They revolutionize how we share our professional information, offering a virtually unlimited space that transcends the physical limitations of traditional business cards.

With the ability to include direct links to websites, social media profiles, portfolios, and multimedia content, these cards not only expand the amount of available information but also enrich the recipient's experience, providing a more comprehensive and dynamic view of what you offer.

Digital business cards emerge as an essential tool in today's professional world, offering a more connected and sustainable future.

Connect with just a tap

Sharing your digital card is as easy as pie—just scan your QR code or send a link.

No more distance barriers, sky-high costs, or delays: now the whole world is at your fingertips.

This not only streamlines the process but also expands your networking reach by leaps and bounds.

With every link or QR code you share, you're opening up a world of unlimited possibilities for your career and business.

métricas de la actividad de la tarjeta de visita digital

Your First Impression is Digital

A digital card isn't just a collection of data; it's a showstopper.

Think about videos that not only tell your story but bring it to life. Interactive presentations that not only show your work but pull others in to engage with it.

These cards take traditional networking to the next level, where every interaction is a golden opportunity to fully immerse your contacts in your professional and creative world.

métricas de la actividad de la tarjeta de visita digital

Convey more About You and Your Company

With digital cards, space is no longer an issue.

Go ahead and pack in more information, from direct links to your social media to multimedia elements that capture the essence of your brand.

Say goodbye to visual clutter; in the digital world, there's room for everything.

Need to update your information? It's a breeze—no fuss, no muss, and no reprinting costs.

métricas de la actividad de la tarjeta de visita digital

Information is Power

We've all been there—handing out so many cards at an event that by the time you get home, you can't remember who you gave them to.

With digital business cards, you not only send and receive information but also keep tabs on it.

With the ability to track each view and interaction, you gain crucial insights into who is checking out and interacting with your card, information that can help you fine-tune your network more effectively.

These insights allow you to better understand who’s interested in your services and how you can step up your networking game.

métricas de la actividad de la tarjeta de visita digital

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